Medication Administration

At The Essex your medical health care is important to us. We know that taking medications can sometimes be confusing and complicated . Our Administrator and our certified medication staff will communicate with all of your health care providers to assure that your medication regime is up to date and will see that your medication is administered as prescribed by your physician. There will always be certified medication staff on duty 24 hours a day for any medication or health care need. . Our attentive staff will notify your physician when your having medical issues whether its a cold symptom or something more serious.Our staff will assist you in making transportation arrangements for medical appointments.

While we have a community pharmacy available for your prescribed medications, you are free to use the pharmacy of your choice. Our corporate Registered nurse is available at anytime for questions regarding medications and their interactions. Additionally, you will have your drug regiment reviewed every 90 days by a registered nurse to assure that your medication regime is current with physician orders, that there are no drug interactions and to make recommendations to your health care provider to assure continued quality care. We provide services for your diabetic needs as well. Working together is the key to assuring your medication regime stays on track with your medical needs.